Unreleased Source Code

2017-03-10: Moving to a gitlab repo in order to make things easier to update. Self-hosting on a byzantine fault tolerant network of small computers at home was cool. Among other things it asserts that the code does actually work at release time. But comes at too many caveats and a lot manual work. This has slowed things down too much.


2016-06-01: This version depends on the recently released version 4.11 of the Chicken compiler. Older versions do not work. However version 4.12 of chicken changed too much to compile this either.

Caveats to be cleaned up before release:

  • Should come in one tarball, not two.
  • Remove more outdated files.
  • MUST supply CHICKEN_PREFIX to make (even if in default PATH) :

Download and unpack these in the same directory:

Customize Makefile and build like this:

make help
make CHICKEN_PREFIX=/usr/bin
make repository

Current Version (2015-09-16)

The distribution does no longer include the presently unmaintained rscheme version.

To compile you need this modified version of the Chicken compiler . (Sorry for this. Some changes became questionable over time, some made it into the core with changes and have not yet been backported, some still fix issues. Plain Chicken does not yet work.) Known open issues for chicken 4.10.1:

  • SRFI-18 compliance: don't make mutexes owned to locking thread when locked as not-owned . (Ticket [1231 - in upcoming chicken 4.11)
  • Signal handling: a) don't leak on C_stack_limit when signals are delivered too fast b) don't set Cstacklimit relative to the signal handling's stack pointer as this might be an unrelated pthread. (Ticket 1232 - in upcoming chicken 4.11)

With these fixed the development version works, but at about 30% performance loss. See ticket 1259.

Last Version (2013-08-18)