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Copying a 35MB file back after upload ran into a "negative destination offset" (from mmap handling under Chicken).

The process of splitting the input into blocks seems buggy.

When the first (the "directory")-block is full (that is in the current default configuration 200 blobs 32KByte each), an indirect directory block is created. The latter holds another set (200 here) of directory blocks. When checked from the failed upload, this first indirect directory blob was found empty.

A stripped down test case using a) 2 blobs of 2 Byte each and b) 8 blobs of 2 byte each per directory appeared to confirmed the splitting process to work correct. Turned out that was not the case. Another bug inhibited the the logic which would once upon a time flush the data as read so far to disk (for such a small blob size).

Once the issue was fixed, it turned out, that the garbage collector for persistent objects could also step in and delete blobs not yet held by any place…

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