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  1. The first item displays a term, URL, text or picture.
  2. Followed by a (still unordered) listing of statements about this subject. (for details follow ">"-link)
  3. Separated by a horizontal rule a "reverse" listing of statements referring to this item in object position.

Derived from the would-be-spec document . (Would be nice, if hoist had a feature to link between different databases.)

Applications make use of the Askemos layer by virtue of the core application interface.

The core API is a small set of services. It is technically extensible with ease, however it is intended to be as small and beautiful as possible. Hence extensions are rare.

Concrete Syntax

The core API itself is language-neutral. Documentation presents it in form of XML bindings.

Elements of this API have the namespace


  • become Next state.
  • output Data object specification.
  • link Link channels to other places under a local name.
  • new Create new places.
  • grant Transfer rights.
  • revoke Revoke rights.
  • replicates Control commissioned notaries.
  • CoreAPI II Module defining convenience elements.
  • CoreAPI Local Module defining control elements for operation of the local peer.

For details on these follow the links at the bottom.

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