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1830 comment > The Wallet is an open source application for creating private currencies. Anyone can create an account, and issue units to it as they wish. The script guarantees that transfers between accounts are always correct (no account can have a negative balance).
1831 comment > BALL is an open source platform for creating software controlled by contracts. Anyone can create a nodes, agents and messages as they wish. The system guarantees that state changes of agents are always correct wrt. the contract. While control over the agents is centralised in one party, the system as a whole is decentralised. There are a number of nodes (peers termed notary) connected to each other in the consensus pool. Every request to one of them is broadcast to all notaries commissioned to the agent in question. Once a critical number of nodes (more than two thirds) agree that the change is permissible, the transaction is considered committed.
4392 comment >

Hyperledger was completely restructured a few month after the review. Therefore I renamed the resource to "Version I" and created a fresh branch and updated some now outdated references.

Actually Hyperledger has seen more changes since. The version of October 2014 seems to position it as an alternative to BALL. At this time it seems to confine it's scope provide only a selected list of coherence and possibly consensus protocol implementations.

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1827 title > Hyperledger – Version I
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