The Stone Age Accounting Demo

The purpose of this demo is to sketch out how a payment system may be implemented in an Askemos network. Account owners may order transfer of value from their funds and accept incoming payments. Since it starts empty, account owners must first create their own assets (a.k.a. issue payment instruments). This is shown in the demo by a fictional example: the Flintstones dating, splitting up and eventually founding a family. The reader is taken from nothing to three shares of a home owned by three accounts.

The intent is to keep the demo as simple as possible but not simpler. A payment is here the coordinated and agreed transfer of value in units of some asset from a sender's account to a receiver's account. Such a transfer is done by the exchange of two documents, an order and a receipt. A well defined set of chosen peers, termed notaries, audits and backs up the process (discussed in the following sections). Note that the transfered value itself is completely anonymous, as it ought to be the case for real money.

The whole demo lives in a Merkle tree. There are three accounts ("wallets"): Wilma, Fred and Bamm-Bamm. You may log in these wallets using "public" as password when asked to " login if you can". All other documents are static and immutable (look for comments relating to "public-place").

There is a second, simpler and more trade oriented demo. See also "access control" below: these accounts communicate using private orders and receipts. Visiting the transferable link results in a very nasty formatted "access denied" message. The Butcher and the Merchant.

Right now the demo is not pretty. I'm soliciting all feedback, questions and suggestion.

Note that most peers participating in this demo (and serving the website) run from plug computers at various homes. Please adjust your expectations wrt. performance and reliability accordingly!

Trust and Verification
On Contracts
Demo:Wallet FAQ