Demo:Wallet FAQ

Q: Is this a cryptographic currency?

A: No. This is a "traditional" payment system based on contracts. Those contracts and related orders however are signed using cryptographic encoding and consensus protocols in the process.

Q: Why do use so many notaries? I'd rather trust a smaller number of peers.

A: Less than five peers are hard to use and will eventually need manual conflict resolution.

This minimum is caused by the byzantine consensus protocol, which tolerates less than 1/3rd of faulty peer. Four peers are the minimum to tolerate one fault for within one round. While one peer is left behind, the remaining three could succeed at further rounds. If any more fails at this point, the group locks up at no simple majority. The wallet is lost (until one peer is manually updated to the latest version). Five do better.

Trust and Verification
On Contracts
Demo:Wallet FAQ