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1940 ↑ ... is defined by > urn:BALL:non-repudiable
3748 is a > BAIL procedure
1945 description > Backward compatible
1947 description > the OID of the governing contract of the argument
3733 description >


action-document OID

Returns the OID of the place holding the source code, the governing contract executed by the place addressed in the argument OID.

TBD, BTDT, Note: under consideration is to provide executes as an alternative name and eventually move to this new name. However maybe that's too generic. action-document was originally chosen, because we've been unsure that this would be precisely "the contract". Eventually it got stuck.

message-replicates {OID|frame} [keyword arg]...

Returns the set of replicates of the argument.


  • as: {#t, 'text/xml} := Return as opaque data type or XML element.
  • add: OID := Add the OID to the result set.
  • del: OID := Remove OID from result set.
  • toggle: OID := Change OID presence.


These two properties are managed by the BALL kernel.

They are treated as the analogy of a contract and the applicable place jurisdiction.

These are the only properties a place can not hide.

1943 alternative > executes

action-document (BALL Core Property) Property Accessor Name