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351 ↑ ... is defined by > Dublin Core Type
352 is a > class

25 ( ) from offset 0 out of 37

Compiler is subclass of
(Hardware) Operating System is subclass of
Interpreter is subclass of
DatabaseSoftware is subclass of
Message Broker is subclass of
VMOS (Virtual Machine Operating System) is subclass of
license domain
homepage domain
software utile domain
lacks domain
libupskirt is a
sqlite is a
pcre is a
openssl is a
libsoldout is a
gcrypt is a
libmagic1 is a
ntp daemon is a
Chubby is a
Isis2 is a
EstoniaInternetVoting is a
storm project is a
gumbo is a
BFTsmart is a
UpRight is a