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3739 is a > CoreProperty
3868 description >

The replicates property hold the notaries commissioned to officiate the subject. More in Askemos on replicates.

3744 Property Accessor Name > message-replicates
3873 see also II >


replicates-join A B


A and B must be an OID, opaque Frame or a set of replicates. OID's and opaque frames are converted into their replica set using message-replicates.

Returns the union set of it's argument sets. By default in XML.


The snipped is used in the wallet code to create an order. It will create the new document proofing the outgoing wallet as creator, be immutable set the protection to be readable by the creator and the receiver exclusively.

The link element attaches the content of the form field instrument under the name "asset" to the result.

Being not publicly readable implies: no replication beyond the set of commissioned replicates. Therefore we eventually assign the union set to the order.

    <bail:new proof="origin" xsl:action="$immutable"
      bail:protection="xsl-variable apply: &quot;protection&quot; param: &quot;to&quot; data(form-field('receiver))">
     <link name="asset">
      <id><xsl:copy-of select="form/instrument/text()"/></id>
     <bail:copy-of>replicates-join current-place() form-field('receiver)</bail:copy-of>
3875 see also II > sybil?

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