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The "wallet" demo is broken as in "getting the most basic thing wrong": it allows double spend of funds.

This looks like a good argument to favor anti-double spend features in the core protocol. By design the core only ensures consensus on the update of the state of an agent (a.k.a. "place"). It has no idea what a double spend situation would actually be.

First versions of the demo where checked to prevent double spend. Then feature creep began. At a point this comment crept into the source:

-- This index can not be unique if we want to handle retour orders.

and the SQL statement create index... lost the unique keyword. (Later it became even worse.)

Now the "wallet" is just a demo. Nothing is bad enough to not be useful as a bad example.

Actions to be taken: As this is a demo applications there is no urgency to fix it soon. It will be replaced with a new version using since-developed features to no longer need to update entries of the SQL table at all. At least two independent measures shall be taken in the source code to protect against the illegal update and the whole, than simpler logic, shall be documented.

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4492 title > The "wallet" demo breaks accounting rules, enables double spend.
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