Concepts And Internals



  • TBD Howto and first steps.

    1. Semantics rest on unreliable, unidirectional message passing with share nothing semantics. This choice was inspired by and follows the motivation of the Erlang language. (However that's where the similarity to Erlang ends.)
    2. Separation of duties among the expression language BAIL and the CoreAPI is similliar to the relationship of Haskell and its IO monad.
  • Command line syntax.

  • Some agents (like this one) allow low level access to their internal state. Also known debug interface, see: Exploring The System.

  • Core API to control effects

  • Capability based access control & incorruptibility

  • Applications may be written in any language. The core system supports:

  • TBD: Using WebDAV and mount directories via fuse

  • Monitoring

  • Bootstrap

    The bootstrap process installs an initial contract (typically a charter, statute, a license of some sort or a constitution) applicable to the accounts to be created at the representative. Under this initial contract it published some code defining the rules of the game and eventually creates user accounts bound to these rules.

  • Old manuals

Introductory Examples