1. Any one of the supported compilers:

    • Chicken Scheme – as of Jun 2013 at least the latest development version. However that's untested. You might still need to get our modifications while they make it through Chicken's community process.
  2. openssl. (Used to be semioptional; Askemos/ BALL works with degraded security for humans who are not allowed to use cryptography and signatures. However the current build depends on it. Will become optional again.)

gcrypt (debian package libgcrypt11-dev) – a GPL'ed alternative to openssl - is currently only partially supported.

  1. SQLite

  2. The pcre library with utf-8 support enabled.

  3. libmagic1

  4. A ntp server (nodes need resonable synchronized time).

  5. on FreeBSD cups-base package (for /usr/local/etc/cups/mime.types)


  1. libupskirt for markdown parsing
  2. htmldoc
  3. zip/unzip
  4. A WebDAV client like fusedav; but be sure to use our fixed version.
  5. qrencode (optinal)

With source tweaking still supported as data source

  • postgresql client library. (needs to be manually enabled)
  • mysql client library. Tested with version 3.23.43-3 to 5.0.18 (needs to be manually enabled).


  1. reiserfs on servers!