1 Install RScheme or Chicken Scheme

See RSchemeInstall.

Chicken currently requires a patched version (fixing some problems wrt. threading and handling subprocess etc.) to be released here. (NB: I wanted to feed these changes back into mainline chicken, but the latter is too fast a moving target.)

2 Compile and Install the Askemos Binary

The askemos-version.tar.gz contains a directory askemos-version. Unpack and within the resulting directory askemos-version:

make askemos

Do a

# make install

as super user or use the package manager of you system to install the binary runtime files.

3 Create Local Repository

To set up using default protection (simple acl) do:

$ make repository HOSTNAME=<var>host.domain.tld</var>

(If the HOSTNAME= assignment is omitted, it defaults to the output of hostname, which is not always what you want.)

Otherwise for general protection do:

$ make repository WAKEUP=/home/jerry/doc/zettel/wakeup.scm CONFIGURATION=secured.scm