BALL Command Line

BALL Command Line

There are two modes of operation. In deamon mode there is a watchdog restarting a failing core process.

The command line mode does not run under the watchdogs supervision.

Currently the issue remains to merge them into a single executable.

As a consequence I must document that for the time being that the actual executable to be called at the command line is something like askemos-chicken.bin while it ought to be something like ballcntrl for "ball control". For this time being we assume (in sh syntax):


$BIN directory [file ...]

Start core process in directory load file on startup.

ballc -init directory precondition

Initialize a new representative in directory using precondition as initial contract.

ballc -bare load [-o output] file ...

Bare mode not referencing any persistent state. Loads file ... in the BAIL interpreter. If -o is given, write result of the last expression (typically an XML encoded value) into output.

ballc -offline directory offline-command

Run offline-command for representative in directory.

ballc -online directory online-command

Dispatch online-command to (already running) daemon for directory.


Offline Commands

load [-o out] file ...

channel [ls|new|link|load| secret|drop]

Entry point administration.

via: See common commands below.

Online Commands

connect URL


via: See common commands below.

stop [-f]


  • public
  • pid

On/Offline Common Commands

via Entry [query|send] [-meta| -in  IN|-literal LITERAL] REQUEST_PROPERTIES