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This issue is part of a series to document the wallets features.


Wallet Howto 10 License A5023d27b0e3fce3ee0b12b79e7e337ce 2014-10-05 15:22:52


This license allows the holder of any unit to display the subject picture at the web page of choice.

Subject Picture

This is a picture of my dog when she was young.

Cute Picture


  • The name of the dog must appear next to the picture wherever the picture is embedded.
  • The following URL indicating the issuer must be linked to indicate the source:


I, the issuer, assert that:

  • This is a picture of my dog taken by me within my kitchen. Nobody else can claim any rights to this picture.
  • I shall not allow more than ten licensed copies at a time.
  • This license may be transfered.


  1. Aa2326b0c4c88076934382a9a66dcc568

Don't care too much about typos etc. in these memos: those can not be updated anyway.