Byzantine Askemos Language Layer

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Byzantine Askemos Language Layer.

Ball is the first implementation of the Askemos Distributed Virtual Machine. It provides an autonomous virtual execution environment for applications, which are executed like contracts: Running processes proceed only in multilateral consensus (byzantine agreement of replicas) among a quorums of equal peers. Processes are persistent; they can communicate by passing messages to each other. Human users appear therein as processes which emit arbitrary messages at the persons discretion.


This white paper used to be the best one about the design. While it's old already, it's still recommented as first reading. A comparison with CouchDB might also be helpful to get a quick understanding.

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  1. legal: GPL license (with rscheme) or BSD (with chicken) – (contact us for other license conditions)
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    1. system requirements
    2. install from source

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History, People & Testing

There is an ongoing self test of the development network (which serves the website an others).

See here for people, history and details.

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