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Converting <a href="/A849640f672ed0df0958abc0712110f3c/MIME">MIME</a> types

Converting MIME types

(mime-cast to-type'from-type) =>converter
String; MIME type returned from converter
String; MIME type of converter input
function to convert from from-type to to-type The converter function should check whether the input is given as XML structure or plain string / bytevector data. The latter shall be treated as serialised form (as read from files).

Registering MIME converters

New MIME converters need to be registered with the converter selection system.

(register-mime-converter! to-type'from-type'converter)


implementation howto (german DTAUS format)

The Converter Table

from to function
text/xml text/xml (and several XML based types) xml-parse
text/xml (and several XML based types) text/plain xml-format
text/xml text/html html-parse-permissive (up to html-prag)
multipart/mixed text/xml mime-format-multipart-output-element
text/xml zip-content (several zip based formats like ODF) zip-unpack-str
zip-content (several zip based formats) text/xml zip-pack
image/png image/svg+xml svg->png
text/wikipedia text/xml parse wiki syntax (slightly missnamed, derived from, but not exactly wikipedia syntax)
text/wikipedia text/xml serialise (some) html markup in the wikipedia-derived syntax

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