Wallet Howto


This issue is part of a series to demonstrate the wallets features.

Login if you can.

This is an early version. This wallet is used to document the wallet's usage step by step.

TBD: every paragraph without a link is "to be done".


First Steps; this is not yet perfect, but a start.

Adjusting The Look&Feel

  1. It should not take more than a cursory look at the Styling Motivation to see: this is a clear case of too much information. It is hard to find the main text (in cornflower blue) and even harder to find the way back here.
  2. User Controlled Sections
  3. Audit Record, Formals and Attachments (This version does already use CCS to hide parts of the auto generated generic content, compare to the former version.)
  4. Using attachments. (Enables extensions, links starting with an OID are permanently linked into the assets.)

Asset Examples

Access Control

Access Control, using BALL's protection and "Hacks" to enable anon/public access.

Commissioning Notaries

Choosing Notaries - how to build trust from unreliable components.

Managing Nicknames

Counterparties, assets and notaries have local nick names since no human feels comfortable with those hash identifiers.

For counterparties the nick is important. Without nick there is no entry in the receiver listing. Hence no order outgoing to a wallet without personal nick.

Don't care too much about typos etc. in these memos: those can not be updated anyway.