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This paper used to be the best one about the design. While it's ageing, it's still recommented to be read it first. A comparison with CouchDB might be helpful to get a quick understanding.

Askemos has quite a few facets to look at.

The aim of the project Askemos is to create a public archive and support private domains of incorporeal values (or perceivable and valuable ideas) in the InformationSpace. Whatever that is... is to be defined here as well. It will take several years and a lot of contribution from many heads until that goal is reached.

While the above aim is more a long term one, the projects first need was an adequate infrastructure. This infrastructure must caters to the needs in the computer age as ink, paper and Gutenberg for the last few hundred years, i.e., supply equally simple, reliable, durable and doubtless space for communication over distance and time. During the course of several years requirements have been compiled and an AskemosDesign was created. No single environment was found, which could satisfy all design requirements, hence the software Askemos was implemented.

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The Software Askemos

The software Askemos, itself part of the project (and the only thing which already made major progress), is, technical speaking, an new kind of operating system. It implements the notions which are required to experience the InformationSpace. As such it's a possible infrastructure and hence a potential implementation of the technical base for the project.

Because every infrastructure is inherently will less, and Askemos defines an infrastructure which works between computers as well as in the brain, it must be an open system with unrestricted availability. And it is!

contents 2nd draft

to the audience
Please understand that these pages and their structure currently emerge from silly notes kept at all sorts of places - and those notes are easily reached here. Please help: send comments, fixes and questions on spelling, grammar, wording, facts, content and your opinion. Beware that it was decided early to mix languages here (and how to choose the PrimaryTextLanguage). Now we'll have to separate those pages, but this takes some time.
The information age.
What for?

The civil society in the information age. Profile applications. Needs of libraries. Communication in natural languages. Trusted systems.

The way and why that way.

Within the civil society the principle of legal certainty has central importance, which must be enforced.

Philosphy. Communication. Understanding natural languages. Structuralism. Safety, security, trust, law, state and forms of governments; RousseauSocialContract. (Why are computer systems still hierarchical, while the real world goes democracy?) RelatedProjects

High level design. This design is driven only by requirements which derive from the task (scope). Requirements, which are implementation related go into the LLD.
Low level design: choice of implementation language, technology, frameworks, standards. Implementation decisions, notes on tradeoffs and caveats.
How? Documents on implementation, extension, installation and use for the practitioner.
state of development, history, stories and lessons learned
demo, source, tarball, license and author

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