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The wikiweb ( ) was probably the first application, which used mixed case words (wich are common for abbreviations and multiy word identifiers in some programming languages) to automatically create cross references.

This scratchpad application uses the same convention, see HowToEditThisPage and ContextViewUsage for more details. Future versions may support , please send comments or help, if you would like oplm support.

Somehow the structure of Wiki and hence these pages seems simillar to , I just found zigzag in Nov 2001 and did not dive into it.

Thanks to Roland Hjerppe, I've got to know (Oct 2004) about xanadu/udanax aims and internal which bear some simillarities in the aim to server for global hypertext higher level structure (udanax could well be an Askemos application: it's structure has a few properties I'd implement at application level).

Shawn Rutledge wrote: Yes as I mentioned, I wanted to build a wiki. But lately I've been thinking that editing wiki-style text should just be one possible UI. It's hard to say that the wiki syntax is a canonical way of storing web content when nobody can even agree on that syntax (Alejandro's, Felix's, MediaWiki? etc. are all different). So I want to build an object tree that represents a web page and store that, and dynamically generate a wiki-like editing UI. Then an alternative UI could be a Javascript one where you have wordprocessor-style controls rather than having to use wiki syntax; and another would be a full GUI; etc.

OK, that's exactly the thinking behind the wiki style I included in Askemos/BALL. I'd never store syntax, which is hardly readable in 200 years, as Dan Bricklin has put it. It stores plain HTML (as parsed tree in the pstore module and standard XML syntax in the file system) plus some XML for meta data, lock handling etc.

You can edit HTML or wiki syntax. For that to work, the XML tree is serialised in wiki syntax from the template. (template?template=source This might loose information and be vary of round trip problems.) So wiki syntax applies only on the UI.

Other Wiki implementations:

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24 Apr 2004 DefineInsecureMode
12 Dez 2010 FreeBSD
07 Dez 2010 BALLFeatures
05 Dez 2010 ByzantineAgreement
04 Dez 2010 SQLITE
03 Dez 2010 SRS
12 Okt 2010 WebDAV
12 Sep 2010 SQL
16 Jun 2010 BALL
16 Jun 2010 CouchDB
16 Jun 2010 AskemosServer
07 Mai 2010 SystemRequirements
30 Mar 2010 ProjectsOnThePlate
30 Mar 2010 AskemosResources
30 Mar 2010 RSchemeInstall
30 Mar 2010 INSTALL
30 Mar 2010 ChickenScheme
27 Nov 2009 subscriber
12 Jul 2009 test
01 Jul 2009 TrustCenter
27 Dez 2008 JKomG
26 Dez 2008 FanOut
26 Dez 2008 MIME
02 Mai 2006 AskemosTopMenu
18 Nov 2008 StorageAdaptor
18 Nov 2008 PStoreStorageAdapt
18 Nov 2008 OperationTips
15 Nov 2008 PCRE
04 Nov 2008 ProgrammingLanguag
09 Sep 2008 RelatedProjects
23 Jul 2008 ModuleStructure05
17 Jun 2008 NEWS
17 Jun 2008 HTML
17 Jun 2008 ACM
22 Mai 2008 HTTP
22 Mai 2008 BOSH
10 Mai 2008 AskemosBibliograph
10 Mai 2008 JerrysDreamAbstrac
20 Apr 2008 XSLT
11 Mar 2008 CodingStyle
10 Mar 2008
09 Mar 2008 MIMEConverter
07 Mar 2008 XML
06 Mar 2008 SRFI
01 Mar 2008 RFC4810


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