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Balance Total Asset
900 1000 Shares of my Car. edit
200 500 Favorit Sausages edit

The Story

The merchant (me) wants to sell something at an upcoming public event.

Starting from "no money", the merchant will bet the car.


The Top section is about this wallet. It lists the title, the OID and version.

The Home tab has a form labled Incoming to receive messages. Enter the OID (or drag&drop a link containing an OID) into the field and push Go to examine it.

The Order form is for filing payments to other parties. Select receiver amount and asset, enter a subject and optional message and push Sign Order to file it.

This wallet does not notify the receiver of outgoing payments made. We rely on a second channel (e.g., mail or chat) to convey the hash-links in the ## column from the Ledger table of outgoing (or sent) transactions to the receiver. The receiver in turn needs to enter them in the Incoming form to check and accept – or reject – the order.

The Ledger tab shows all transactions which are not expired.

In Claim tab one can issue new assets. Assets have to have a title (chosen freely; however some titles may convey legal implications) and terms&conditions. Choose the latter with care to make your asset valueable for potential holders. When Accounting is checked, a fresh wallet will be attached to the new asset.

The Contacts tab holds a "buddy list" attaching nick names to OIDs of counterpartie's wallets.

The Notaries tab has (currently rather basic) forms to manage the replication of this wallet.

Always visible are the Inventory, which lists the current balance for all assets, and the Terms section is about this account and may be presented to other users. (The text may be changed in the manage view available from the top section.)

Notational conventions

The following CSS classes call out specific text elements. Often there is additional information in the title of text elements (mouse over).

At the moment these styles interfere heavily with useability. I welcome especially: suggestions on best common law phrase to use for the styles, preferrable colors and concise wording for the description.

units transferred
assets, payment instruments
outgoing account and signatory
account receiving
title or subject
terms&conditions or optional message text; free form
link to be transferred to the receiver
link possibly containing login information (if anon access code is used) not safe to transfer
link to an order
link to a receipt
link to notary commissioned to audit this document
generic fine-print
machine executable source code
meta talk – explanatory text

See also the online documentation.

All objects are identified by their OID, which is a cryptographic hash of a) the OID of the creator of the object b) date of creation c) the OID of the contract defining the type and d) the hash of the (initial) content of the object.

Experts see meta data for detailed audit. (Note that this exposes control forms. Those are void, the corresponding control API is disabled.)

Wallet user skin version: 0.2