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The `` gns `` service could hold local keys for peers. Initially this could be just a mirror of our peer list. The `` cadet `` service provides the primitives required to implement the consensus prot creator (registered)
With sqlite 3.7.8 updates on a frequently used application broke on "out of memory". Only fts3 applications using fts3 tables where effected. Turned out this bug has existed since 2010-07-08 fossil creator (registered)
Initial code to use [TweetNaCl][1] to replace TLS was added. This should be the first step towards a second protocol stack. Why? Because HTTP is a complex beast imposing huge overhead for such small creator (registered)
Not verified since. Closing the report now. creator (registered)
The great uncertainty HTTP's use brings resulted in broken redirects again. (After many years working.) # The Issue When OID's are referenced in user/browser-visible URL's their location is embedded creator (registered)
The choice of consensus over a Merkle tree is the main difference to recently upcoming alternative approaches based on the concept of a *proof-of-work* a.k.a. *blockchain*. First consensus proofs the creator (registered)
Hyperledger was completely restructured a few month after the review. Therefore I renamed the resource to "Version I" and created a fresh branch and updated some now outdated references. Actually Hyp creator (registered)
When calculating OIDs the hash should include the list of notaries at genesis time. This is a serious error affecting all versions. creator (registered)
R7RS compatibility issue with *Data Label*s: * R7RS defines a `` read `` which violates a core assumption provided by R5RS readers: before s-expressions where known to be directed acyclic gra creator (registered)
The "wallet" demo is broken as in "getting the most basic thing wrong": it allows double spend of funds. This looks like a good argument to favor anti-double spend features in the core protocol. By d creator (registered)
Fixes at least in from 2018-01-20 creator (registered)
Fixed in commit [847353b4f743ae1bd91e654067d7805d875cc308][1]. [1]: creator (registered)